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Here you can find all the artists, producers, Deejays and friends associated with Creepy Cuts... If you want to join us, feel free in sending your material to us - just click 'CONTACT US' below...
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Beat Creep

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'The Dreaded One' (Creepy Cuts label founder). His beats pack a serious punch! But beware as his bottom end is usually full, phat and nasty!? gettin' on a bit now, but as he's been within the industry since 1991 - he's proper 'oldskool'.
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Beaton is the moniker and last name of London based Producer Andrew Beaton. Focusing mainly on the deep rolling side of new D'n'B and Jungle, Beaton has developed an original sound mixing vintage drums and jungle production with more minimal low-end bass lines and cinematic soundscapes.
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Default has always had a passion for music that kicks you straight in the head! heavyweight bass that rips into your guts,and beats that could kick the red off the devil himself!!
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Jay Walker

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Jay Walker - (Real name James Ellis) is a producer/DJ from the south of england, who has been DJing for over 15 years in some of the biggest clubs in the south of england and has been making music for 10 years.
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Inspired by the wealth of underground dance music played at local free parties in the UK, L.A.B. first started producing in 2000 at the age of 16. He quickly found an affinity for jungle above all other styles, with an emphasis on reggae hooks, deep basslines and cut-up breaks in all his tracks. Influenced mainly by early jungle and hardcore records, L.A.B. has a distinct old-school sound.
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Hailing from Manchester NewKoncept, is a man on a mission to bring the Darkness back into Drum and Bass. As it was this sound that first attracted him to the music back in 97 as the original Tech Steppers, the likes of Ed Rush, DJ Trace & Elementz of noise's early productions caught his ear.
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Sasha Khan

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Sasha Khan is a producer with diverse tastes who found his love for music when he was 8 years old when he decided that he wanted to play the flute! Over the years he has had a go at playing guitar, bass and drums and loves using live instrumentation in his productions when he gets a chance.
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Skarz is a D&B Producer primarily, but states: "I'm into Death Metal, Drum and Bass, and a fair few things inbetween". "My main DnB influences are: Tantrum Desire; DJ Hazard; Original Sin; Clipz; Taxman; Dub Zero; Tyke and Recipe; GDUB... To name but a few..."


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The new project from DysfunK Shaun, the man formerly responsible for Swindon's notorious Underdog Soundsystem.
Returning from an extended hiatus following the short-lived projects Infected Minds and Mutant Dog, Subversia marks a return to drum & bass and dubstep while drawing inspiration from across the electronic music spectrum.
Watch out for Subversia's debut EP forthcoming on Creepy Cuts.
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This DJ druid has a pedigree DJ history dating back to the dark ages of mushroom magic and ancient spiral tribe customs.

Von Grey (A.K.A. DJ Bobkat) lives and trains on a mountain far away. He lives with nine wise talking otters...
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  • James Eddings (Default ft. James Eddings - Good Girls E.P.)


  • Alva Cruz (Sasha Khan - Sleepless Nights E.P.)